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just goes to show the police our part of the problem in this country. I used to believe all the"cops are the good guys protecting us", you only get harassed if your guilty of something, and the courts let justice prevail. This is all crap. for those who believe the lies, let me tell you this... when you or worse, your family gets harassed, illegally searched, and even convicted of crimes they didn't commit you will understand the police and courts view all of us as criminals and want us with records so they can control our lives. If we have and cops on the site that are honest i will say you are one of the few and your compadres are making you look bad. And lawyers are just after your money. Tell me, if you where a lawyer, could you laugh and joke and eat lunch with judges and opposing lawyers? I don't think so unless all you cared about was the money.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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