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got that darn mozilla attack issue again

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They're back!
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That's strange, I'm not getting any warnings at all from Internet Explorer or Firefox.
Situation Resolved

Hunting Man,
Thanks for reporting that you were receiving the malware warning again. The issue stems from the software that we use to display banner ads. We upgraded it to the latest version yesterday, but apparently there are still vulnerabilities in the code. We've turned those ads off again and will be finding a better solution that is not quite so hackable. We've resubmitted the site to Google for review so hopefully they'll get rid of those warning notices soon. Thanks for your patience!
Nope, the situation with Mozilla's Firefox is not "resolved".

I just tried getting into DHC using Firefox and kept getting the "Attack Site" warnings on everything I tried to do on the site. It's 1150am, Sat, 25 Sep.
Had to go in using Microsoft's Internet Exploder to post this.
Hope y'all get it fixed soon - can't stand using MS browser.
stuation still negative, I repeat situation still negative! Over
We got rid of it this morning when tech guy posted. Cleaned everything off. Site was good till later in the morning. Got hit again. The updated software was hacked as well. We have removed it again. We will not reload that section until we find another company that is safe to work with.

Sorry for the attacks.
Just wanted to post a quick followup to why you all were still receiving the warning message in FireFox whenever we had already cleaned out the malware. FireFox uses Google to determine whether a site is safe or not. Whenever we cleaned the site, we submitted the site to Google for review, but that review is not instantaneous. It takes time for Google to get to the review. Thus, even though the site was clean, you still received the warning notice. Please be sure to ask if you have any questions at all.
Well, it's Monday night - dang it - forgetting about Monday Night Football! But had to stop in long enough to say thanks to the DHC techie crew for getting all of this straightened out (but mainly just plain old fixed!) and keeping the rest of us yahoos informed of their progress.

Thanks guys!

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