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got table fare

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well with rifle a couple days away and not doing the front stuffer thing, i took a 1.5 old 4 point this morning with the xforce. best bow ever by the way, grin. that's a turkey, a bear, and one deer with it. 2 tags left and i think I'm going to keep using it even through rifle.....maybe not? it dressed out at 132. dragged like 200 but i pulled it out whole and gutted it at the truck sos not to screw up the area to bad. sorry i didn't take pics its a 4 point and we all know what they look like.
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congrats sounds like a wild-game buffet
thanks joel. he was loaded with fat. dressed 132 lbs. year and a half old thats heavy. think i'll do a bear stew or chili tomorrow.
i had some bear meat when i went bear hunting in september it was quite tasty
Congrats, on the deer, YUM YUM.
A bear, turkey, and some deer meat dont sound like a bad season at all.. Now hopefully you can finish it off with a bang... :biggrin:
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