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Got one.

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Deer moved pretty good Saturday morning. Let the air out of a decent 7 point. The range time i put in with the new Howa paid off. He didn't give me the greatest shot but i was confident in my abilities to make the shot. Had to thread the needle through some pines and all he was showing me was his backside. I waited for him to put his head up and verify the antlers ( lease is in a qdm county of georgia, 4 points on 1 side). He finally did put his head up and turned his neck. I ended up hitting him in the back of the neck and he was DRT.

Trying to post a pic but the attachment manager keeps telling me " it is not a valid jpeg" ????
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Congrats on the harvest !! And everyone is having issues with pic's right now. All I could do was open a photobucket account and upload there then post the link here for my picks but our leader ( buck fever) posted earlier about it and said the tec (may) have fixed by late tonight
Congrats on a great deer and great shot!! :pickle:
I kept getting that the other day "invalid pic"... comon' BUCKFEVER! :)
Congrats on the buck kill!! I also tried to post a pic of my boy's first buck kill twice but got the invalid pic message?? :wallbash:
try the pic again. the other day i had the same issue and now seems to be working.
here is the picture of my buck


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New Rifle + New Harvest= Life is Good! Congratz
It's definitely tough to wait sometimes to count, especially when you have a good shot. I had to wait on mine because the first side only had three so I thought I was out of luck til he turned a little.

Nice deer.
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