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Got my food plots started

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Worked all weekend on 3 food plots. sprayed round up on a 4.5 acre plot next to the neigbors 20 acres of corn. Will plant that one in winter wheat Labor day weekend. I decided to mow and the fertilize a 3 acre weadow in a secluded area. It has a lot of clover in so we'll see what happens. I'll let you know if it works! Finally I sprayed round up on a 1/2 acre remote section and will plant clover in it Labor day weekend.
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Way to go, I wish I could have gotten out to do the same. Next spring I'll hit them hard.
hope the weather goes your way and everything grows the way it should.Cant wait to see the deer in the new plots:wink:
We finally got some rain and the plots are taking off. The deer are killing the Biologic plot but are also hitting the winter wheat hard. Dad saw 7 does in the winter wheat field Friday night. (No Bucks)
When the Doe's heat up!!! Maybe those buck will start crusing through searching for those doe's... Hopefully..
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