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I shot one!!! Sunday morning.
It's not my first, nor my last.

Just took a seat on the ground. There is a heavily used deer trail 30 yards away. The trail runs across a black mucky swamp section, only about ten feet across, when its been dry. Floods when we get lots of rain. As the deer cross it, they stir up the muck and the smell is awful. But it acts as cover scent for me. Bonus!

Hadn't seen any deer all morning and was contemplating moving. Then I heard a grunt. What the heck, where'd that come from. The buck was standing on the trail and just appeared from nowhere?? He crossed the mucky section and I stood up, as the tall grass and a small knoll covered my movement. He walked into my shooting lane and stopped ("are you serious? you gotta be kidding me??) He looked my way and I froze, turned his head and started to feed.
I drew back and fired a perfect shot into both lungs. (100grain muzzy) He ran another 50 yards and expired. Gotta love it when you watch them fall! No tracking!

Four points on one side and a busted off stub on the other.
Not my biggest, by far. But good example of using the trails and terrain to your advantage.
Got the backstraps trimmed out and in the fridge. Who's hungry??:wink:

Head Eye Human body Fawn Horn

Theres a small point on the back side, doesn't show in the photo...but trust me it's there.

PS, after dragging him a 1/2 mile, I REALLY want a Quad!! My body hurts!:surprised: But it's all part of the game!
Gotta love it!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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