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If he is not showing until 11pm he is quit aways away to bedding. This early in the season he should be up and moving by no later than 4:30. Check your maps and look for higher, very thick, secluded cover. You need to cut his travel by 2/3. Keep in mind a secondary food source he may use with water near by. His bedding should be within 200 yards of the water or closer. He probably will not be right next to water due to bugs this time of year. You need to act now before acorns really start dropping and his testosterone gets up to high. I'm telling you now is the time to act while you have a clue to his pattern. 2 more weeks and you will have to start from scratch again. Never hesitate once you have located your target buck.:ibtl::ibtl::ibtl::ibtl:
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