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Google Sucks

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From time to time google runs an update on their search engine rankings. This last update hit DHC pretty hard. I understand robots arent perfect but it gripes my rear when they basically labeled our site as a spam/content farm type site.

It was their goal to get rid of content farms. Sites like ehow. (who through all this actually gained ranking) Explain that one google genius.

I shouldnt be crying ezine articles website lost about 87% and a whole lot more lost more than DHC. Its just frustrating at times. You have to do everything google wants and then BAM they change it on you so you jump throught hoops to get your site back to the google love.

We use to rank top 3 for "deer hunting", now we are about 11.

For 2 to 3 years we have been #1 for "deer hunting tips" but now we are at 6 or 7. And whats crazy is some stinking web page that on " something or other" is higher than DHC now. The top 2 pages have not been updated in forever and one of those tried to give me a virus.

We shall see what google does. One company affected by this has already laid off some employees. The wall street journal and cnn both have reported on this.

I guess its back to yahoo, bing or msn for awhile for me. At least until they straighten this out. They will never know how many millions of small web site owners they affected by just trying to fix one problem. (content farms)

The biggest content farm in the world gained from this and so did you tube. you wonder if money changed hands...

thanks for listening
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Well I'll fallow DHC were ever it ends up, great bunch of guys n gals here, this is my only hunting forum for me, I'm on two other forums but one is fishing and the other is golf cart. I think you do a great job BF
I never liked Google never saw it any better & never understood all the hype about google I have used yahoo since I got internet & continue to use yahoo & DHC comes up second on yahoo search
I'll follow you anywhere buddy!!!!! Let me know if we gotta rattle some cages!!!!
I get what you're saying BF... the harse reality is that the entire internet is ran by a bunch of punk kids that grew up never wanting and spoiled rotten!

I'll be here through the thick and thin... BOO google...... boogle? haha
Way be when I had Dialup AOL with Google Search. I would go to Yahoo Search Engine, because google would not find what I was searching for. Never understood what the hype was.
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