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good news for me

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:pickle:talked to the landowner of the posted property mentioned in another seires of posts a while back again, and i still have permission to hunt it and the rules still apply. if i see some one hunting it tell them they must leave. he said there was one other person with permission, a name/person i know, but not the one i expected. don't know but it is good news for me.:pickle:
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Good for you, I lost my little honey hole that I've had for a couple of years, the lady that owned it has a son that has decided he wants to hunt. It worked out for the best I wound up killing my biggest ever buck at another spot.
cool deal.. Its getting harder and harder to find places to hunt without giving folks cash these days.
Good deal! private property is the way to go. I'm hoping to locate a lease for S. Ohio for 2010
good luck hm let me know if you find anything interesting. as i've mentioned i'm looking into ohio. or not either way good luck

yea this landowner has done tons of work on the land. logged and left the oak reclaimed fields and now he's working on the apple trees. there is thick stuff and thick and steep, and mixed hardwoods and soft. just a nice large chunk of land near where i've been hunting. its been five years or so since the last time i hunted in there so i need to scout it out all over again. he's trying to manage the property for the wild life so he doesn't want the babies shot which is good for me passing the little ones now.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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