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Good Deer Mineral? ? ?

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Does anyone know of a good deer mineral or pellet brand out there that the deer actually like? I have had a hard time with my deer wanting to eat any of the minerals/pellets I place for them . . .all they want to eat is corn and the corn is not very high in protein to help with the antler and fawning season. . . so can anyone give me any suggestions?:w00t:
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there are some liquids out there and i've seen that mixed with the corn. c'mere is salts a minerals. wild animals seem to know when they are lacking something and will find it. if they have all they need they may not take in extra. then it needs to be hidden in tasty treats like getting a little kid to take meds.
I made a deer cain site 2 or 3 years ago. I started with just clearing an area on the ground of leaves, sticks, grass, etc and pouring the liquid formula on the ground. About 6 months later (or so) I placed 1 of the deer cain blocks in the hole that the deer had created where I had poured the liquid just to keep it an active visiting place. I never did have a camera up at this location so I have no idea if it attracted a ton of different deer. But I do know that the deer that did know about it used it enough to make a nice little hole in the ground.

This thread reminds me. I need to go get another bottle of that and try it again with a trail camera. Just to see what kind of activity I can get from it.
I used the mineral supplements from whitetail institute .30-06 and optimize i believe.the bears loved it:biggrin:.I have also used the deer caine.goes fast buts its mostly salt.go to an animal feed store if ya got one they had these apple flavored blocks for deer cant remember the name the deer would feed at em everyday during the summer.porcupines loved em too again so did the bears.I kept it close to the cabin200yrds so we could see critters from insided :wink:
If you want to help the deer stay away from the mostly salt products and get multimineral ones. Like Joel said Whitetail Institute sells very good products, but you WILL pay for them. I just got their quarterly update mag and they have at least three different mineral/supplement products to buy. Alot of products are either salt or sugar as their main attractant with out much in the vitamin supplement area. Acorn rage seems to be getting good reviews, but I haven't used their product and don't know whats in it.
Acorn Rage is an attractant and the deer do like it. His question was about getting the deer to TAKE the mineral. I agree stay away from salts unless its like calcium chloride or anything with Phosphorus. Like I said I'm sure there are some liquid minerals out there you can mix with your corn.
His question was about getting the deer to TAKE the mineral.
I am a 15 year old girl:tongue:

But anyways. . . I have tried the Acorn Rage and the deer love the stuff. . . It has acorns and soybeans in it. I have tried the "Deer Cain -Gel" during this last hunting season and they seemed to like it. . . .well it was gone the next weekend. I think I will just buy some more of the "Deer Cain -Gel". It is good for them and I can just mix it with the corn that they love so much.
Sorry about that. Good to see a young person interested in hunting but more so in management. Thats one of the downsides of being anonymous instead of using names.
Droptine, it looks like you solved your issue, it is very good to see young people as interested in deer/hunting as you are. Good luck in solving the deer's taste buds! If you're not thin skinned, you'll find a lot of good outdoor discussions at this site.
A fella I know told me about this one... Thought I'd just pass it along....


Ingrediants: Makes 200 lbs. for about $23.00
-1 part/bag Di-calcium phosphate, this is a dairy feed additive bought at feed stores. Comes in 50lb Bags at around $11.00
-2 parts/bags Trace mineral salt, the red and loose kind without the medications. Comes in 50lb Bags around $5.00
-1 part/bag Stock salt, ice cream salt. Comes in 50lb Bags around $2.00.

-Use a 3 pound or similar size coffee can to use as your measure for each part of the mix.
-Mix all together well but not until ready to use, keep ingredients separate until ready to put to use.
-Dig or tear up a circle in the soil about 36 inches wide and about 6 inches deep.
-Mix your mineral mixture with the soil.

-Replenish in 6 months with fresh supply of mineral, and then each year there after
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my understanding is that all those supplements can be bought at the feed store for a lot less $$ than buying the bag with a pic of a deer on it. You just need a recipe like the one Joel has. I think you could also just read the bag of deer stuff, ingredients should be on there.
farmer quality red trace mineral salt has molasses in it to entice the cows to eat it. I have used it for deer by just digging a hole mixing it with the dirt. The deer had the hole enlarged to an area about 4' in diameter.
do you know what that red trace mineral stuff has in it for minerals, hunting man?
I really don't remember, I used it during the middle 80's, mostly as an attractant. It did work very well for that purpose. I'm sure it had sodium, calcium, magnesium but for the rest I can't say. The molassses made it very sweet. It was cheap back then, 3-4 dollars for 50 lb. I think if it was mixed with today's nutrient rich products you could streach the cost out pretty well, and the deer would tear it up.
I use a dairy mineral and mix with bag salt from the local feed mill. They wouldn't eat the mineral only but they will mixed with salt.
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