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this maybe sensitve to some but its meant in the lightest of heart and national pride as im one of the few if any canucks on here . it was a well fought game on both sides ! so here it goes goooooooold medal baby ! god bless hockey and hunting . ty guys no offence intended just pride:eek:wned::smile:
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It was a great game, over time and all:smile:
it was a good game and they played better.
Canada proved to be the better team today and earned it every step of the way. It was a very exciting game though.
No offense taken.. :ph34r:

You could tell we were in trouble as soon as it went to 4 on 4.. The Canadians looked much better.. Hats off to both squads for a great game..
That was a great game and the best team won. The thing that gets me is that both teams had Canadians and Americans, or maybe that should be guys from the U.S., playing on them. It was quite a mix-up of talent. Two of the U.S. team players play on the Vancouver team. I mean I was starting to think it was a Canadian vs. Canadian scrimmage. Anyway, after winning the gold in both men's and women's hockey, there can be no doubt that our good friends and neighbors to the north are the best hockey players in the world, and a tip-of-the-hat to them! And, by the way, the fans were great too. Those Canadians appreciate good hockey players no matter who they play for, and they really gave the U.S. a lot of credit and applause for a job well done. I was proud of both teams and everyone at the event.
Yup great game and the best won. Canada, Germany, USA all did well!
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