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going camping

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Tomorrow i head out to the catskills to do some camping with my younger brother and his FDNY firefighter buddies and kids.We're going to a secluded spot by the famed Esopus creek.Good trout fishing.I got my fly rod and a buddy hand tied me some new flies based on the reported hatch's.Got all my gear ready bringing my bow and target also and my hammock.bringing along 10lbs of veniburgers for the grill.Looking foreward to several days out of the city hanging with the guys .Got some nice cigars packed and i may have to sip a little fine bourbon,we'll see:biggrin:.I got my camera with me and im gonna take tons of pics .I see ya on thurs or friday who knows?:bye::bye:
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Have fun!!!
Have A Great Time Joel The Catskills Is A Nice Place.i Have Some Relatives That Live In The Little Town Of Palenville I Think Thats How You Spell
Sounds fantastic Joel, be safe and enjoy !!!
Now that sounds like camping and enjoying life! Have a great time.
Now that sounds like camping and enjoying life! Have a great time.
Right on HM....
sounds like a great trip, hope you had fun. weve been using our new camper alot too
it was tiring.the kids went crazy it rained real bad in the middle of the first night the streams were like chocolate milk and fast it rained on the last day too,i was glad to come home.hey thats how it goes some times.Now i remember why i like going by myself:biggrin:
Have fun take a few pics i wanna see some fish :pickle:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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