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Going bow hunting in Ohio next week!

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hey yall
I'm stoked about going deer hunting in Ohio. This is actually my first paid bow hunting trip. I'm going with an Ohio Outtfitter.
I don't know what the deer are like up there this time of year. Are they starting to rut or what? If anyone knows please respond with any advice. Thanks
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Depending where in ohio you are going my area they have not stared rut yet i am in central ohio.
give us a full report. ohio is on my list.
Good luck! Coshocton County is my home, and also home to some MONSTER BUCKS!

I haven't really seen any rut activity where I'm hunting at, but quite a few friends of mine have told me the bucks are in full rut at there hunting locations in Coshocton!
sweet. I'm getting pumped up!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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