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Glad Bonnaroo is over..

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Having over 100k people come to town (most in rvs) tends to make traffic tight. I hate driving around that mess heading to work.

It seems like every year someone dies during all this. They lost 1 to heat exhaustion this year. Sad.

I believe it was an improvement over previous years. At least drugs didnt take anyone this year.

Any of yall attend. I remember Buckshot saying he was considering it a year or two ago.
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What is Bonnaroo?
A 4 day multi stage camping festival on a 700 acre farm in Manchester TN..

It used to have more of your hippie bands but over the past several years they have included more of a variety.

Sounds like fun. A bunch of people tho from the pictures.
i wouldn't mind going.

i hear ya. its motorcycle week here now. bikes rumbling everywhere tying up traffic, hanging over the yellow line. normally someone or more die in bike wrecks.
i cant stand the morons that give us all a bad name, but i do love bike week.
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