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Hey buddy Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you have a great day!!!
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Hey Happy Birthday! Hope your day is a great one! :ibtl:
have a good one
Thanks everyone
well you know you are getting old when you spend most of your birthday sleeping
HM I am cathing up
well Friday I will be going to Cabela's to buy my bithday present not sure what it will be yet so maybe I was just resting up for the 2 hour trip

Thanks again everyone
Sorry I'm late, Happy Birthday gfd2, I hope your Birthday turned out to be a perfect day for you.
Hey "G"
Happy birthday! You are 39 plus a few months!
Was always told not to spend all my money in one place, but it's hard still today going somewhere like that.
HAPPY BDAY big guy! How old does that make you now? 40? 41?

If you lived closer, I'd give you some of the 70+ Morels we picked yesterday!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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