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Getting ready to start my fall plots

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I just mowed and sprayed my 2 acre food plot next week I will burn it, I got a secret to controlled burning take big heavy blankets soak them in water if the fire starts going somewhere you don't want burned simply drag the blankets through the fire slowly and it's out.

P.S - Don't use your wife's good blankets she might get real mad.
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Smokey says"ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT FOREST FIRES" be careful:yes:
I'll be gone all weekend, going to try to get some of the PA food plots in. Leaving at 5:30 am tomorrow. Rain all around don't know how successfull I'll be but....
ronn, check out the photos. Couldn't get all the big plot done was too wet but made a smaller new one, which worked out for total area to plant. Got to borrow a nice tiller tractor, it was a blast to use. Rain man waited till this morning to start!!!!:wink:
Got an update tonight the PA food plots are turning green. I was lucky as it started raining right after the seed was put down. How's everyone elses plots doing? Saw a nice 8 pt tonight in the State park here in Ohio close to my home along with another smaller buck.
Well hunting man ,,,it started out good had the ground ready early in the spring...then the rain started kept us from getting through the slough
every time the water lets us get back there and plant we get a 4" rain
its happend 5 times..exept for the 3 week drought that endded last monday with a 4" rain .......we had 35" in the last 3 months
i do have crops up and going but not like i should....glad i dont do this for a living....fall crops will go in soon..
food plots

Well here in Ga. my spring plantings have dried up an died due to the three month drought we've had, waiting on some sign of rain before I plant my fall plots got the ground ready just don't wont to waste money on seed if we are not going to get some rain, you just think you got it rough up north try planting in this desert.
PA has been hit with heavy rain since I planted and probably has killed some seed. I won't see the plots again till fall so I have my fingers crossed.
food plots

I'll take to much rain instead of no rain any day, cause you can't grow anything without it not even weeds.
Well we finally got some rain here in Ga. they are calling for more later this week if this keeps up maybe I will put some seed in the ground in a week or two.
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