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one point I have to make too is offer to help them
if they are cutting fire wood, or painting a barn, working on a tractor offer your labor for a while remember they are going to possibly let you use their land so do something for them also little gifts help too
we will bring maple syrup with us if they say no we will give them a pint & tell them thanks anyway & leave our phone # in case they change there mind if they say yes we will give them a pint & thank them when we return to hang stands or set out camera's we will bring them a gallon. It goes a long way we have gotten calls back from people who originally said no most important TREAT THEIR LAND AS IF IT WERE YOURS you pack it in you pack it out. If I see trash I pick it up mine or not.
As Scorpion8 said respect & follow their rules to the "T"
be up front with them let them know whether you will just bow hunt it or gun hunt it
If you Bow hunt it & loose an arrow in one of their fields Let them know about where you lost it.
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