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getting permission

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What's the best way to get permission to hunt on someone's farmland? I live on the edge of what I would consider "rural", and would like to get permission to hunt some of the local farms near my house, but I don't know who the farmer/owner is. Some of these properties either have no house or 2-3 houses and no obvious signs of who the owner is. ie. barns, tractors, that sort of thing. I waited all spring in hopes of catching someone planting in order to introduce myself, and "BOOM", what seemed like one day while I was at work, it was done. I am pretty sure on one place that might be the farmer, but wasn't sure what the best approach might be. Just drive up and introduce myself and hope he doesn't shoot me? write a letter and hope the guy calls me back? This is only my third year hunting, and in the past I've just gone to the public FWA, which is pretty nice, but the 80 mile round trip was gettin old by December, not to mention gas is double what it was last year.
What works for you guy's?
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ya can check for names on the posted signs.go to the town hall andd ask to see the plat lists the property boundries and the owners.i always try to ask in person but thats gonna be tough it sounds like.write a nice letter and include a stamped self adressed postcard for them to reply with.If you make it easy and free your returns will improve.Farmers are very busy people
I found that most land owner really just want to know who is on their land. With this in mind I will drive up to their house this time of year, well before deer season, and intro, tell a little about myself and compliment them on how good the farm looks. Then ask about hunting there. If its posted I tell them I have in the past found that most land owners just like to know who is on their land. Explain that it would be just you and your kids, if you have them. Tell them the type of hunting you would like to do, bow, muzzle loader, rifle. Bunnies, deer, birds, coyotes. sometimes farmers just don't want bow hunters on their fields. I try to get all of this out before they say anything and it gives them a chance to think about the answer instead of the knee jerk reaction "NO".
I don't do letters or phone calls cause its harder to say no face to face. Don't go in camo. Wear street clothes. Bring the kids.
If it looks like they are ging to say no ask about maybe exchanging help with haying for permission. Sometimes the idea of free labor for a day is enough to get them to say yes.
To find out who the land owner is, go to the town office and ask for the plot and tax roll map. better yet just flat out ask who owns that piece you are looking at. Its public record.
Even if they, the land owner, says no thank them for their time and maybe leave your card and say if you change your mind or if something changes blah blah.
The worst that could happen is they say no. If 1 out of 10 says yes keep asking others you are on your way.
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Thanks, I think I'll try and stop in over the weekend and talk to somebody in person, in the meantime go to the courthouse and see if they can help me find the owners of some of the places I want to hunt.
At some point offer to share the game if yes make sure its all rapped up marked what it is and frozen. Make sure you give them the best part. A Christmas card thanking them is appropriate also.
That's a good idea as well. You want to keep the landowner happy and stay in contact with them once you gain permission.
Aahhhh, excellent idea!!! will definitely do that
I go with ronn on this.. Ask them face to face if you can ever catch them around... And if your able to offer them something in exchange then all the better. Most farmers are good down to earth people. They will usually respect you more for being nice and asking first. The ones they shoot are the ones that dont ask.
We usually let the guys that offer to help build fence or post the land for us hunt. We also appreciate it when they let us know they appreciate it. We have had many hunters that are really excited but after they shoot a deer they leave with out letting join in the excitement!!! haha

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