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gettin lil man into huntin

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ok so im trying to get my boy (6 almoast 7 yearold) into hunting, and i wana do it right. iv been bringing him on scouting trips for the last few years. last fall i brought him squril hunting and bagan teaching him hunter safty. hears a pic.

he has been doing verry well at learning the hunter safty rules, and enjoys every sec. we are in the woods. at this piont he has done well enuff for me to want to teach him how to shoot. do you guys think its too early for that? if not how do i even begin to teach marksmenship to a 6 year old?
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i leard when i was 8 and i had a 22 then a 410
Wow! Great to find a

Wow! Great to find a post kncnkiog my socks off!
he clearly understands what a firearm is and what should be done to use them safly. he can state all the hunter safty rules that aply to him (i didnt bother teaching him not to mix guns with boozz , and drugs. cause hes 6 and is obveasly not drinking or doing drugs.) and on top of knowing the rules he understands why each rule is there and what can happen if the rules get broken.
sounds ready to me but its your call
he is ready, i just dont know if im ready to teach maksmanship to a kid. iv never done it before. and cause my mom is anti gun my unlces wernt alowed to teach me. so i dont know how to teach someone so young.
I think 6 years old is still a little too young, taking him along on scouting trips and teaching him about
hunting and hunter safety at this age is great thing but at 6 years old I don't think a 6 year old has developed
the mental capacity to dertermine what it means to be a safe hunter and I don't believe a 6 year old is able to be responsible with a weapon.
You know the old saying "Don't let kids play with scissors" Why would anyone even think of putting a weapon in their hands?

I would say that it is up to the parent and if you feel that he is ready and capable of doing it then so be it......good luck to you both, be safe and have fun.
good luck

im only 16 but the way my dad started me off was he taught me all the rules then bought me a air rifle, once he knew i was responsibly handling the gun he bought me a 22 and so on, hope this helps
My oldest is 7 and I let her shoot a pump pellet gun.. It will be awhile before I let her move up from that.. Very small she is.. Its up to the kid and the parent.. Some kids are ready faster than others.. Its a judgement call..

I probably got my first BB gun when I was 6 or 7. I remember I had to cock it by bracing it against my foot, holding the barrel with 1 hand and pullin the lever with the other. Man I musta been a weinie little brat.
You might want to start with a BB or pellet gun, teach the basics, and then work up to a .22 and progress from there. I like a Daisey and maybe it's because my all time favorite movie is"A Christmas Story"I started my grandson with a Red Ryder! Oh yeah I made sure he didn't"shoot his eye out"
Check their page out Daisy Outdoor Products
Sounds like he is off to a good start and Thank you for being a good Dad.
definetly your call, I have two daughters 11 and 13 going to hunter safety classes together this summer. They have fired an airgun, but just recently and with there grandfather who has hunted for 40 years or so. He refuses to allow the girls to come to the range and learn to shoot anything else until they complete this training. Did the same to me and I was an adult! Good luck! sounds to me like your son has an interest anyway he will wait if you chose to do so.
i would say that starting markmanship with a youth .22 is ok as long as he is fully capable of understanding the seriousness i have met 6-7-8 year olds who are very intelligent. bruce i love ya man but i gotta disagree i think it is different for all i know people who are 30 that dont need to see a gun let alone touch or shoot one. i might start with a bb/pellet gun plinking first i read an article about kids needing instant gratification and the ting of metal lets them know they did good with out you saying a word. At the same time as for marksmanship if he only knows one way then thats what he will use so find one set way and use it for a while DONT CHANGE HABITS AND TECHNIQUES he is six i teach soldiers to shoot 40 out of 40 who have never held a gun before because we teach them one way i would start him with a stable base and have him shoot off of that like a good shooting stick even if it is a pellet gun. remember hes six and comparitively week that .22 will feel like a 12 gauge to him.:boxing: go get em
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i know all about army shooting. been there done that. im just trying to figure out the best way to aproch teaching a young kid how to shoot.
Oh I totally agree, there are MANY 6, 7,& 8, year olds that are very intelligent but that doesn't mean they should be handed a high powered rifle and begin hunting just to please a parents Pride...

All I'm trying to convey is that a 6, 7, 8, year old isn't capable of fully understanding right from wrong and none of them can determine on their own what a safe shooting condition is, heck most can barely read at 6 years old let alone judge the safety of a Rifle Shot.
(what's beyond the shot?, What's between the shot and the animal?, what's too close to the shot?, is the game animal too far away?, Are there any house nearby?, is there a chance the shot could reach nearby traffic?, are there any boulders or other objects that might cause a riccochet?)
Maybe I'm just too "safe minded" a hunter BUT I don't want to risk being anything different.

If a person wants to teach their children to hunt I think that's a great thing however I don't think ANY 6, 7, or 8 year old should be hunting with anything larger than a BB gun, maybe the 8 year old would be ready to step up to the .22 caliber but for now there's no reason to push kids into hunting at such early ages...

this is just my opinion, the Law in many states allows it,,, so it all boils down to the parent as to whether their child hunts or doesn't.
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beleave me im not trying to push him into anything. he probably wont be hunting till he's about 9 or ten. im just trying to get him introduced to both hunting and shooting. when he comes hunting with me i am the only one who carrys the gun. he wont even touch so much as a bb gun without being under my strickt supervision. and any safty infraction at the rainge will be corrected before any real harm can be done. he will be within arms reach at all times. as stated in my first post. i want to do this the right way.
:goodposting: Based on your last post I can now say, your sons a lucky boy to have such a great Dad! :thumbup:
im just trying to do the best i can for him. he is a great kid. he absoultly loves going out and being in the woods with me. the other day i took him out scouting at a place i saw 3 deer last year, for the first scouting trip of the year. i tryed to hide the disapointment on my face when we got there and the surrounding area was in the prosess of being heavaly logged. but when we found the first set of deer tracks he was so exited that i could not help but smile and take in the moment.
bruce you have very valid points i geuss its just a difference in opinion none right none wrong just different i grew up in the middle of nowhere ks and was shooting bb guns and such at 6-7-8 years old and shooting squirrels and such at 8-9 yrs old. i ment no offense to ou or your thoughts. my apoligies. :pickle:
bruce you have very valid points i geuss its just a difference in opinion none right none wrong just different i grew up in the middle of nowhere ks and was shooting bb guns and such at 6-7-8 years old and shooting squirrels and such at 8-9 yrs old. i ment no offense to ou or your thoughts. my apoligies. :pickle:
No Apology necessary. Everyone's input is only an opinion.
No matter what I, we, or they say everyone will never agree 100% of the time This is the beauty of every individuals view.
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