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You are absolutely correct. God made man and woman. He made them unique and DIFFERENT for a reason. This is most of the reason we are in the pickle we are in. Everybody thinks if the rule of God doesn"t fit I'll just change it so
I like it. Well how does that work??? Our life is crazy and insane about half the time and we"re now going to make the rules??? How's that work for you???? Has anybody changed anything except for the worse in this world???
Perfect example: PA exacts gambling in this state to raise more MONEY for their various projects, at the bottom of the advertisements for various gambling casinos is: Addicted to gambling call 1 800 I'm an idiot for help for your addiction. This is insanity, not only are they not making the projected revenues but now we have more crime and health care to provide.
It's a slippery slope and getting worse. The answer to a lot of things may depend who gets into office in Jan 2013.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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