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Well once again I can't get pics to upload on here so I guess I'll have to just tell you about my garden. I've got 7 rows of sweet corn about knee high. 2 and a half rows of beans that just came up. Two rows of peas that are almost ready to pick. Way to much lettuce (again). Two rows of potatoes that look like they should bloom soon. 63 tomato plants that my hubbys gonna have to help me stake up cause i only have enough cages for half. (He's not gonna like this but he went on a hog hunt on mothers day weekend so he'll have to help!). I've only got 10 pepper plants this year cause i think the seeds i started were old. I've also got carrots, onions and radishes. Anyone else been playing in the dirt?
That's honestly a little inspirational I really wish I could get a good beautiful garden going.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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