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You wanna bet that the parents in "the best for last" didn't attend a single PTA meeting or had anything to do with insuring little "Johnnie" ever did his homework?

Yet they want to blame the teacher for little "Johnnie's" grades???

Par for the course in today's society . . . blame society for your own actions (or lack thereof).

Wile i agree with this statement 100% about the sinario you posted. because i have a cusen who is a teacher and a damn good one too. ( took second best teacher in the state a few years back. and our state is well ranked national education quality, so ya she is a good teacher) and she still gets screamed at by parents like the above described.

there however are two sides to that coin. i work very hard, and long hours, so that my wife can stay at home moma to our kids without having to worry about $$$. she is right on top of things. always tring to communicate with our childerns teachers. always makes sure the homework is done, always volunteering to help on school field trips. dose anything and everything she could do to ensure nothing but the finest education for our kids. this year my son has a teacher who refuses to do anything before the first bell rings in the morning, or after the last bell in the afternoon. my wife could not even get the teacher to spend two seconds to tell her how my sons day went and if there was anything she could do to help. my son has had little to no growth in his educational development this year, inspite of having tremendous growth last year with a different teacher. And only after we had a meeting with the principle, and he forced her to communicate, did she even start, and that was only to wright down a line or two in a jernal for us too read. but we cant do anything to get her canned because she has been teaching long enough that she cant be fired. so i think in this case the teacher should be the one taking all the heat, not the kid.
Rant over
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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