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Frustrated to the bone

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I have been anticipating a hunt with my bow for some time now, and finally tonight I got to go. It's been around 32 degrees all day with a slight 5-10 mph wind that makes it feel below freezing.
Got all ready and headed out. As I left the house I noticed the wind was out of the North/Northwest. As I sat in my stand expecting the wind to be at my face (NORTH FACING STAND), I felt the wind hitting my back.
NOW... before any jokes are made about my direction-sense,, YES I do know what is NORTH and SOUTH. The dad-gum wind had changed directions and came from the South/Southwest. Talk about mad. Plus I only had about 2 hours to hunt so I didn't have time to get down and relocate. By the time I got to a new stand it'd be too late and I'd probably spook everything in site.
Needless to say, I didn't see anything at all,, just a bunch of blue-birds. For what it's worth, I did see two does... AS I WAS LEAVING THE FIELD.

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Yuck. Are you going to get another chance soon?
I feel your pain ! One of my main stands I was unable to hunt for almost a month because of the wind. :crybaby:
I check constantly, for days prior to and up to the hour of the hunt the weather conditions including temp, wind direction and speed, among others. And I make an attempt to hunt in harmony with those conditions.

that's all you can do sometimes.

however, I have found that if you put into practice all the other precautions of deer hunting, wind conditions do not always reign supreme.

They (the deer) do not always read the script!
It's nice to have options on where to place your stands. Due to the limited acreage I have and the placement of my neighbors' homes, I have but one place to hunt and it has but one direction to shoot.

Sometimes you gotta deal with the hand that you're given and make the best of it.

Good luck and good hunting!

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