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fried rattlesnake

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I have had a lot of people, including women try my fried rattlesnake, and everyone that tried it with open mind loved/liked it. First skin snake (don't gut) then cut the backstrap out the same way as with deer. You will have a 2 long pieces of boneless meat. Then cut them into 2-3" strips (doesn't look like much meat) but it's more than you think. Now dip them in egg/milk then salt/pepper, roll in flour and fry in iron skillet. I've never had any left over.
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If you've never tried rattle snake you are missing something. fried rattle snake is good stuff.
I haven't ever killed, dressed or cooked a rattlesnake but I have eaten it many years ago and I loved it, a mexican friend from High School invited me to try some that his sister brought from Texas,, but I think it was boiled (I really can't recall) but I do recall it was Awesome, and I don't remember the dip we used but it was similar to a thick salsa....all very yummy!!!
Good memories thanks for posting this recipe....
I dont know why I have not tryed this yet?

Your recipe sounds exactly like the trout recipe my scoutmaster taught me

I should try it.

These poor rattlesnakes are being sentenced to death here all the in westeren states here. I should try making some meat!
I dont quite understand cutting the backstrip out

Maybe a couple photos would help me understand

I remember the last snake my friend sknned had a lot of meat above the ribcage. Maybe thats the backstrip. I wonder how you cut that without getting all the ribs in there!
I wonder if different snakes taste much different? We have alot of Norther Watersnakes but not many rattlers around here
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