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Just too cold wish it would warm up a bit
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Wisconsin right? Dunno why more folks don't move south a bit. It's been cold of late, but down here, 20 degrees is icy cold..... I suspect that's nothing up north.

On the flip side, I remember hanging out with some kids in Vermont when I was about 13. It was 76 degrees and and we were enjoying the wonderful weather.... except the kids from Vermont insisted it was "sweltering hot"...

My wife sets the thermostat at 76! (I ease it on down to 72 when she aint looking).:whistling:
you can broil meat at 76 degrees!!! i like to leave it on 70 myself.

i remember that trip to vermont. those kids wanted to go swimming in that weather. i remember gettin in the water and freezing to death.
wow you must like it hot in your house mine is set at 68*
the 20* temps are not bad it's the wind chill that makes it cold
It's always the wind. You can stand cold if the wind don't cut you in two.....
last week the temp was in the single digits but the wind made it feel like it was -25

It's always cold in VT ! What part of Vermont did you folks visit?

I'm going to post a picture or 2 in my gallery that I took on Thursday morning (Feb. 15th 2007), Pic's of the Blizzard that just passed thru COLD VERMONT LOL

(You Wanna see some cold) ???? :surprised:

let me know what you guys think of these pics...
i dont know it yall are reading the responses under the pics so ill post it again here.

if it snowed like that here we would shut down the town until the snow melted. some guys at work got 1 inch in there home town about 45 mins from me and they called in to work so they could play in the snow with there kids. thats how rare snow is for us.

i wish we could get about a 6 inch snow so i could take my 4 wheeler out and play a little bit. since ive bought it we have yet to have a decent snow i could take it out in.

oh yeah those were some nice pics. thats what real snow looks like uh?
I really miss having snow like that.
i wish we could get snow like that. nice pics bruce.

here lately in TN its been 60 to 70 degrees. feels like summer time
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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