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Freezer size

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Hey all,

My name is Tim, and I'm brand new to hunting...never been at all. I just finished my Maryland hunter education class and am really looking forward to getting out in the woods this fall, learning about deer and how to hunt them, and hopefully bringing some home to put on the table. I know I have a lot to learn but am eager to begin the process and become a part of this great tradition.

That brings me to my question. What size freezer, i.e. how many cubic feet do you think is necessary to adequately store an average sized deer and maybe some smaller game (rabbit, squirrel)?

Thanks for any advice.
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A small box shaped chest freezer is fine for a deer or two. Hey what part of Md. I'm in Davidsonville.
"A small box shaped chest freezer..." so that equates to probably 5 cu. ft. or 8 cu. ft.

Glad to run into a fellow Marylander. I'm in Silver Spring. Do you hunt around Davidsonville? I'll be heading out west to the Frederick area or maybe even further out to Frostburg.

Thanks for the advice on the freezer.
Welcome TimM, glad to have you with us. And welcome to deer hunting, you are definitely at the right spot. I agree with wmi's response to a freezer.
I have an upright Frigidaire 12.1 Cu. ft. model and it's frost free.
It cost me 399. from a local appliance store, best buy has the same unit.
The chest styles work just as well but arent as easy to organize your frozen goods.
The 12.1 cu ft is large enough for a couple of deer with plenty of room left over for the
thanksgiving turkey and still has room for the rabbits and squirrel.
Good luck to you and welcome to the deerhuntersclub.
Welcome to the site and welcome to the world of hunting.I will now play Devil's advocate.I am worried that you equate hunting with killing and filling a freezer.I would be more concerned with the basics.I can only speak for myself,i had no mentor ,learned by mistake/experience and i probably made every mistake you can make,thats why i can say...... buy the biggest freezer you can afford :lol:,because eventually you'll get good at it and can fill it.Hunting is great and a live long growing experience that will bring elation and heartbreak within seconds.its not about filling the freezer
:bye::bye:I hunt from Davidsonville east and south. Not much on those mountains for whitetails. Good luck to you. In this state it is easy to fill a freezer fast so keep in mind what you actually can consume. Check how others in the house like venison.
Hey all,

Thanks for your replies. I've got a good idea now of what I need.

In regards to joel the signman's concern about me "equating hunting with killing and filling a freezer," rest assured that is only part of the picture. That is to say, while we all have our reasons for taking up hunting (some may be philosophical, some may be practical, probably a combination of the two) there is the reality that hunting involves killing animals and freezing them. The goal, however, is to do so ethically, humanely, and honorably. My understanding of this is limited as I have yet to harvest any game yet. But, I do appreciate the weight and meaning of those words. It is up to me as a newbie (as well as you vets) to live those words. Perhaps I should fill in the details of how a desk bound librarian like me decided to enter this honorable tradition but this post is probably not the best place as it'll be somewhat lengthy and philosophical:lol:. I'll update my profile later with that bit of biography for those interested.

Thanks again for your replies. I look forward to further exchanges and from learning all I can from you all.
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Well I'm glad we got that straightened out.LOL It will be a pleasure having you here at the campfire. :wink:
TimM nice to have you here. I like it when a new hunter has his priorities in order. Confidence means you will need a freezer,bow/rifle, hunting boots, clothes ect. These are all necessary things. The most important thing is to have the ethics, responsibility, integrity, honesty, all in place prior to the first hunt, then you won't have any problems when questions arise in the field. You will already have the good reasoning backround to make the right decisions and never look back wondering should I have! Just like I've been told on a gun safe, buy the biggest freezer you can afford.HM
Again welcome Tim. I like your thinking. And one of my main goals in hunting is also to put food on the table. I have a little upright. Maybe 8-10 cubic feet. It works great for a deer and all the junk my wife puts in there. Granted there have been times though I wish I had a bigger one.

Good reply there HM.
Welcome to the club from Montana. I agree with Hunting Man. Think it's great that you have a positive attitude - don't ever lose it as it will serve you well. Just keep in mind that probably more hunters don't get deer than those who do. But if you work at it, are patient, and think of it as a learning process, you will delinitely get your share and have a great experience even when you don't get anything. Good luck and good hunting.
"A small box shaped chest freezer..." so that equates to probably 5 cu. ft. or 8 cu. ft.

Glad to run into a fellow Marylander. I'm in Silver Spring. Do you hunt around Davidsonville? I'll be heading out west to the Frederick area or maybe even further out to Frostburg.

Thanks for the advice on the freezer.
If I can be of any help to you getting started let me know. Always glad to help newbies along.
One more thought came to mind, I use a fridge in my garage to age my deer prior to butchering. I cut the deer into quarters and set the temp 38-40* for several days. Then bone out everything, plastic wrap tight and paper wrap with two layers. This keeps everything fresh for two years.
I like using a big chest type freezer. I got a free one from someone needing garage space. The chest type freezers are a little better for putting big stuff into if you need. You huge deer heads waiting to go to the taxidermist...
I just wanted to send out a thanks to everyone for your friendly welcome and your recommendations for freezers. With all the knowledge and experience around here I'd say I joined to the right club.
glad to have you here .your answer was a good one
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