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Now you can try the best online hunting journal available today for FREE until August 31st. No strings attached. You will have access to every feature the journal offers: Enter hunts from years past, search and sort through all of your observations, enter trail cam observations, enter scouting observations, use mapping features to pin point treestand and trail camera locations.

You can do all of this for FREE until August 31st. If you wish to continue after that just pick the subscription package that best suits you or your group. All of the information you entered during your trial period will be saved. If you want to purchase you subscription during your trial period, you subscription will still be valid until September 1st 2012.

Check it out now! You will not be disappointed. The Non-Typical Whitetail Journal be the best money you spend this year on hunting gear.

Being in the right place at the right time is the name of the game, and the Non-Typical Whitetail Journal will help to put you there.

Thank you,
Dan Ketchum
Step Ahead Outdoor Solutions, LLC
Mount Vernon, IA
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