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four stages of a deer hunter.

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This is continuing form another thread that went awry.
The four stages of a whitetail deer hunter as i understand it goes this way:
shoot a deer, shoot lots of deer, shoot the biggest deer, shoot the right deer. all the big name guys talk about the four stages.
This was a pretty good article about trophy whitetail hunting. talking to Mike Pavlick and Randy Grawe

The Top 10 Tips For Shooting The Biggest Buck Of Your Life< BACK
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<FONT size=2><FONT face=Tahoma><FONT color=#ff3333>12/20/2006
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I can see how it fits ROn. But I have to say not everyone completes all the stages. Some get hung up along the way......
I've seen this before, and have a hard time figuring out which group I'm in. I've gotten the first out of the way, and I don't think I'm to the last so I am either in the "shoot lots of deer" or "shoot big deer" phase. I'd like to just focus on the shoot big deer, but some of the time I get bored and shoot lots of em. Also, in order to shoot a big deer sometimes you have to get some of them pesky little walking noses out of the way if you know what I mean.:wink:
yeah i'm kinda a mix of the last three. depends on where i am and what i'm looking for, i guess.
depends on where i am and what i'm looking for, i guess.



Yep, that's what I meant to say. I'm sure on your last trip you were in the "biggest deer" category, and now that you are back home may switch to a different mode.
here at home my goal, very important to most things i think, is fill all 3 tags with mature deer using the bow. a very tall order here in nh.
well, good luck with that...I've never done it, but I'm sure many have.

Ron, you shoot Montec broadheads right? have you ever had a problem with the arrow deflecting off the ribs and keeping the arrow out of the chest cavity. I had this happen last weekend, and it got me thinking about mechanical broadheads...maybe they would be less likely to deflect at steep angles. The problem is that I have to hang my stands fairly high (20-24) feet to help with scent issues in a particular canyon. At that angle if deer come close I guess the angle is too much and I have had trouble with those shots...any advise?
I went through those steps but after my first big buck I was toast. You see I hunt for the challenge. With the smarts and senses a mature whitetail buck has it does not get anymore challenging that that. Yes I love to eat venison but small does taste better and with all honesty I can shoot one anytime I want. There is no challenge there for me. A big buck on the other hand each one is different and I do not believe you can ever truly master hunting for them. You can get pretty darn good at it but never totally master it because of the variables encountered in your quest. I no longer need to shoot more deer than the next guy. It is like playing a chess game with the master of the woods. I live to play the game.:yes::thumbup:
I have never had a problem with the montec g5, but i haven't shot that many deer with it so the history is short with me. i have heard of mech basically pole vaulting off the ribs because of the way they open, front to rear, unlike the rage rear to front. that's one reason i like the cut on contact.
Rage put the smack down on that buck in ILL.. Bottom line is still shot placement plain and simple.
we shoot rocket hammerheads that open up to 2 " never lost a deer yet..
Rage put the smack down on that buck in ILL.. Bottom line is still shot placement plain and simple.
How many lbs. of meat did you end up with from that Ill. deer? If it was 350# on the hoof, was it fatty?
Never got to see. The guides took care of it. We did lose the right front should because of all the blood. Heck it looked like a slug went through. Tell you what it was all Ron and I could do to move that thing. Thought we would throw our backs out. Seriously. I'm 250lbs, look at the pics, that's a big S-B. Glad we did not have to go far.
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