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found a new rifle I am going to buy

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primarily for coyote hunting and maybe some long range deer hunting (it has to be long range becasue the rifle will be too darn heavy to carry very far)
the remington 700 sps in 308, heavy enough for deer, and will knock the stuffing out of any coyote that gets in range

anyone have one of these? how are they on out of the box accuracy? I am sure I will have to tweek the rifle a bit, polish the trigger, square the bolt face, maybe pillar the action

I like the rifle because it is as close as I can get to the sendero without having to pay $1200 for a rifle and its not chambered in a magnum caliber. this will be my christmas present to
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well, i can tell you this much about the SPS. i have one in the SPS-V flavor, and it is a shooter. not in .308, mines .223. and the new ones come with the X-Mark Pro trigger, not very user friendly. i tried adjusting mine down, all i can say is 100 bucks at the gunsmith and a little lecture later, i havent touched the thing since. so i personally wouldnt suggest touching it unless youre a gunsmith. remingtons are well known for thier out of the box accuracy. even before i replaced the stock with an HS-Precision it was shooting 1/2moa. after the stock swap it was slightly smaller. but i think with minimal or no changes its a great rifle, especially for what youre paying.
thanks for the reply, I do alot of my own work on my guns, but I just don't touch triggers, I figure the gun will need a little spit and polish since the price is so low for a varmiter, I used to use a 223 for coyote (before the ex wifes traded my guns for dope) and made a shot on a dog at 640 yards, I just want something a little heavier because the 223 is heavily affected by wind at extreme ranges. as soon as I get back from this little 2 week trip I am starting today (working, not hunting) I am gonna order my new rifle, that way I can have it set up, and dialed in by the early spring when the coyote hunting is at its best
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