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Is there anyone interested in buying an Autographed rookie card of MVP Dirk Nowitski or Andrew Bogut?

If you have an offer, let me know.
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not interested in buying it but wondering how you came across dirks autograph?
at the finals of last year
dwayne wade is my man tho
thats neat. ive never been to a finals game before. would say that would be all right. and by the way. i cant stand d. wade. like him better than shaq though.
d.wade is a cool guy whos a great family man and great in the community....he went out of his way to sign my autograph
thats good. and i should say i should not judge the guy to much because ive never meet him in person as you have.
hes really nice and hes an even better basketball player in person
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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