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I planted some turnips for a food plot this year. Do I need to spray the plants with anything to keep the deer from destroying my plot before the plants are mature? I notice some deer tracks on my plot and i can see where the turnips are starting to grow, but I am afraid the deer are eating them as soon as they come up.
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Deer always prefer the new growth over old growth except with those type plants that get tasty after the first cold snap/frost. That's why one should mow clover and alfalfa several times a year. I thought turnips was one of those plants that once it turns cold the tops turn to sugar. but hey I could be wrong.
After the first cold snap the tops do turn to sugar. I am a little nervous that after all that work of planting the deer are going to destroy the plot before I get to see some results out of my plot.
Fun pictures, Matt,

Fun pictures, Matt, that I'm glad you srhaed.You shouldn't really be keeping those Springers unless you and your lovely wife can find the time to show them a little affection.Michael ;-)
Remember if they're eating it then you've done your job. All those good neutrients are going where they're susposed to. I have had my plots look like a paved parking lot by early October. Most of the neutrients should be given during the antlergrowing/fawning time period. Food plots for harvesting can be planted anytime. Those late plants like sugarbeets,turnips,rape all are called brassicas. As ronn said the sugar content forms after the first frost and the deer will mow them down after that. Some are very high in protien also. Throughout the fall I've had them paw at the big bases but not really stay and eat them. The bases will rot in the spring and you just start again.
I planted rape and turnips. I just visited my plot today and all is looking good. Deer tracks everywhere but looks like it is starting to come in fine. Last time I checked it out there were only a few plants coming up and deer tracks everywhere. I was just nervous they were eating them right as they were coming up. All is good in the great state of IL
my deer will eat turnips late into winter,they paw them out,,they dont taste bad.
I agree with Souther

I agree with SoutherSniper. I even knew it was about me. How did I know? I understand my prenat's dialect. I'm a pinay, but don't look it. So all you filipinos? out there, keep it professional and don't speak your native tongue at work. Glad I called the manager about her!
have any of you planted that Throw and Grow? I have a couple other spots I want to plant but I am running out of time. Can you really just broadcast it and rake it in?
my buddy planted some last year, it came up good....i just got my box from whitetale and got some no plow to plant around a few stands in the woods....
I haven't tried the throw and grow stuff, usually I blend clovers, chickory, brasssicas which gives summer/fall/ and winter feed, if anything is left by October.
if you can find winter wheat, you can spread it in the woods,just before the leaves drop and it will come just need a good rain on it
HELLO! When in the

HELLO! When in the USA, speak English! When in Norway, speak Norwegian! When in Italy, speak Italian! When in Russia, speak Russian! When in France, speak French! When in the Philippines,? speak Tagalog! If you cannot speak the laaggnue of the country you are visiting, then do not expect them to understand you! Learn their laaggnue, or just stay at home, eh!
This is a great idea

This is a great idea! Hopefully you got my email yesterday. Would you guys be up for an ennvieg of fun sometime this month? I know I already asked in my first email, but I wasn't sure if you saw that last paragraph, so. Thanks for getting back to me on that project.
I kinda like the solid stuff for hunting:smile: don't like shoveling it. :thumbdown:
it is a new world out there with snow on the ground. We had over 12 feet of snow fall this past winter. some kind of record for here.
i love hunting in snow unless its a real heavy snow and that crap starts melting and drops down your neck while you are in the stand
Here's my idea of fun. Swamp hunting in the UP of Michigan in -10* with snow falling and fresh cut cedar trees laying allround my stand. If you cut it they will come.
:pickle:its so cold and quiet the deer can hear you breathe. I use those thermo magnet body raps to keep the kidneys and neck warm.
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