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Food Plot Alternative?

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Hi. New to this forum, but i've got what may turn out to be a dumb question. I'm from the farm country of Wisconsin and have never really hunted the big woods of the northern part of the state. This past year I've purchased some property in the north and the soil is about 4" of dirt (at best) and then becomes gravel and rock. I don't think I can get anything to grow? Does anyone have any other ideas on how i can raise the deer herds nutritional intake? "Baiting" doesn't really float my boat, plus there are a few black bears around and I don't want to encourage them to hang around my deer stand. Thanks
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welcome to deer hunters club. glad to have you with us. as far as your question you could make a couple mineral salt licks. that should help the deer somewhat. i dont know if that will attract bears or not. (not a bear hunter) i wonder if sometype of clover would grow in that soil. i would think clover would need very little of a root system to support its growth. you would think 4 inches of dirt and a little sunlight would be good enough
Hi bearpaw That sounds alot like the place I used to hunt it's over west of Hurley we used to have a food plot in there and it was clover but you have to maintain it and it will need lots of lime.
Actually the land is around Wabeno, as a frame of reference for the WI folks. NOt sure about the minerals with the bears either. I might try to get some clover going. Thanks for the tips. I'll keep you up to date.
my family owns a cabin up by superior lake....not sure where it is but the black bear generally stayed out of the deer herds the way welcome to a great site
Nothing yet

I did the necessary work and put in some "Secret Spot". It's been in for about two weeks, and I've got NOTHING! I guess if nothing else I've got a little more firewood now.
Hi friend,

Plant pumpkins, the deer in maine love them. Till up an area,put the lime to it this fall and plant in the spring. The deer will love you for it. I have no idea how much pumpkins support growth, but i know the deer love them. I planted about 300 plants one year and i got about 7 or 8 pumpkins that fall.

The deer got the other 698. lol
corn!! wild grapes out here!!
Hello I am a newbie as well, I plant a similar area in the St. Lawrence river area of Northern NY 3-6" of soil and solid granit. Get a PH on the soil there are actually numerous products that will work well. I put in some stuff called "bird and buck" from Pheasants Forever and spread proper qty of lime and 10-10-10 fertilizer after last frost.

This mix has done great by me and covers the full spectrum of critters. Should help out the grouse and turkey populations in WI as well as attracting deer!

Good Luck! Oops almost forgot here is the Blog: (I paid 68 per bag)

"A unique combination of different clovers, legumes and grasses designed to produce superior habitat for deer, turkeys and upland game birds. Each bag will cover 2-3 acres. This mix has been successfully used on Filter Strips and CREP Buffers for a diverse wildlife mix. Field tested in Ohio for the past 3 years. If you want results that will blow you away....this mixture is a proven success! "
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