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headed out at 700 tomorrow to try for flatties.called the captain and he's got a spot saved for me.the bites slow the season just started but its starting to pick up hopefully i get a few for the pan.looking forward to just being on the boat and BS ing with all the guys
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cold and rainy today slept in will go monday in the sun instead:yes:
Better weather sounds like a more enjoyable time... There is nothing like bad weather plus the fish not biting to make you think "I should have stayed at home"..

In good weather you at least get to enjoy the great outdoors a little more..
Hope your Monday is sunny.. Its suppose to be rainy down south..
warm and sunny..did ya survive the tornadoes?
Yes sir.. It got windy and rainy but all the twisters decided to land around us.. I was happy with that..
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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