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Fishing Trip

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Got back last night. Log cabin was great. The warm summer hit Canada also as the water surface temp was 74* which sends the really big fish down, we hope for water temps in the 60's. I will post some pictures as I get them from everyone. I did land a 17#, 12#, couple of 8# and many 1-5# pike probably 150. I did get a couple of nice walleye also. weather was great, boat preformed perfect and everyone had a really good time. We did loose a couple of fish that would have maybe hit the 20lb goal but lost them with the hooks coming out, one was right off the dock and I had him against the rocks trying to net him and he got off. The new father/son combo had a good time with the little guy catching around 25 pike for the week.
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HM sounds like a very successful fishing trip!!!!!!!!
Welcome back HM, sounds like you guys had a great time and I'm glad everything went well.. looking forward to seeing some pics.
congrats HM on the successful trip. Canada is somewhere I'd love to visit someday.
That is awesome! Sounds like fun! I love to fish as well. In the spring I love chasing them crappie. Anytime spent with family fishing, hunting, etc is always special. :smile:
Here are some of the pictures. I was able to catch eating size as well as a couple of large pike that were released. There are a couple of walleye also. The cabin was great, and the only private building on the whole lake. I will post additional pics as I get them. It was a enjoyable trip and will be booking next year's trip asap to lock in a good date.


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Pictures posted.
Looks like a great trip and them cabins look awesome.
Great pics, great fish!!!!!!! Looks like an awesome time!!!!!!
That is definitely on my bucket list. Looks like a great time.

Now thats my idea of a good time.Nice lookin fish.The lake looks like glass.
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