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First year

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I bought a 50 cal traditions and would like to know the drop at 150 yards shoting 150 grains of powder and a 250 grain bullet :pickle:
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not sure but i stopped shooting the 150 grains it kicked too hard and the shots were erratic to say the least:thumbdown:
Yeah Joel I had the same happen to me, so i'm using 100 grain now.. MUCH more accurate.

hunttheworld, There's no answer to your question. I mean there's too many factors in determining an answer and even if you had all the answers the real answer is determined by you and how the muzzleloader was sighted in... was it sighted in at 100 yards or 200? does this all make sense to you? I guess what I'm trying to say is the best way to tell would be go shoot it and see for yourself what it does....

some factors involved

powder or pellets?
type of pellets?
type of powder?
type of bullet?
model traditions?
ambient temperature?
who's shooting?
clean muzzleloader?
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:goodposting: hard for me to add to that. i agree with both joel and bruce
100gr powder or pellets is sufficent for deer out to 150 yards. Deer are in the CXP 2 category. If you are shooting beyond that range (way too far for me) then 150 gr may be in order. 150gr magnum loads are best served for bear,moose,elk (CPX 3 category animals)
I agree with everybody here 150gr is way to much unless you like a soar shoulder..ha..ha.. 1 thing though. 100 grains will stretch out to over 200yards. We own a dairy farm and have a range set up with target every 50 yrd up to 250 yards. 100 grains gets me there everytime. And yes I've killed deer at darn near that distance with 100 grains. The key is to practice. You should only shoot distances that you're comfortable with. I shoot around 100 rounds each month, all year long, so I'm real confident with my shooting.
Your drop will be 3 to 5 inches. As the other guys have stated there are many variables but in general this will be close. 200 will be anywhere from 10 to 14. You can contact Knight and they will give you ballistics that will put you in the ball park but only range time will tell exactly.
I had the same problem shooting 150 grains and down to 100gr. too but I shoot loose powder and want to fine tune how much power I shoot.
I have a slightly diff. veiw point. I do shoot 150gr everytime. I'm looking for a one shot deal and make it count. When I load I have no idea of how far away mister big is going to step out but where ever it is my shot is square through the shoulders. Many problems with pellets is even a small amout of moisture in a pellet changes its performance now times that by 3 and you have problems. Place a gel pack in the box and seal it in a ziplock. During the off season vacuum seal the box. I shoot Barnes 250gr and in the t/c they are a bugger to load but they are tack drivers. Now for my second shot if ever needed I have a powerbelt 245gr ready to go. Yes they shoot diff, the power belt shoots low 3" at 150 yards but it is just a follow up if needed. Yes 150gr kicks but honestly I have yet to notice when looking at Rack on the ground.
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the experts say once you open the box ya should use it up within one year.i personally dont finish them that fast i wish i did but,i keep them with bags of desicant might try the vacum thing .thanks for the tip
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