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first year turkey hunter

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Hey everybody. hope yall are having a good turkey season so far. Well Im trying to get into turkey hunting this year. Season opened today just had to ruin it. i just recently bought a saphire mouth call and iv been messing around with it. I pretty much just need any tips on scouting and hunting turkeys. thank yall.
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get in the woods early. well before dawn and listen quitely. move when in 100 yards or so, sit and call.
Ronn, I will be in PA during the spring gobbler season. The big game tag includes turkey season. I also don't have much experience with turkeys. What would a novice use for calls? I have several box calls but no slate and really wouldn't spend enough time learning a mouth diaphram. In Pa you have to be out of the woods by noon I believe, all the action done by then???
I would only use the box call for windy or rainy days because the box call is great for loud long range calling so I like to us it only on the days were the weather is not so calm. my first pick is the slate call. they are easy to use you can make all the calls on it with a little practice but you should be able to yelp and cluck right off the bat. I think wal mart sells the quaker boy ( lil duce) for like 10 bucks one with slate and one with glass the one with glass comes with a plastic striker and the slate comes with a wooden striker I have them both and like both but my live pet turkey seems to respond more to the glass call more I think its because it puts off a little higher pich than the other one. Idealy would be a diaphram (mouth call) because you can with practice again make all calls even gobble with them and you can also have both of your hands on your gun and still call. ( I am no good at it but one day I tell ya and when I do the diaphram is the only call I will even carry besides my hoot howl call. witch if your new to turkey hunting it is used to shock gobble tom turkeys in the dark so you know witch areas to move closer to and get settled before daylight and the flydown.(when turkeys come down out of the trees- also know as comming off the roost) ( just incase some one did not know that turkeys do sleep/roost in trees normaly they roost/ fly up into the trees about 30 mins before dark and usualy wait till they can clearly see the ground well before they come off the roost/ fly down, witch in the ballpark of 30 to 45 mins after daylight.
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thank yall very much. if any other tips please let me no.....i need all the help i can get. i will be in the woods saturday morning. Just 2 more questions though......will a diaphram call work to locate turkeys? and will a turkey gobble early in the morning while still on the roost?
An owl call or a crow call is best for this.
A tom will goblle on roost to let others now of his presence. If you are within say 100 yards of a roosted bird, your in luck. Try a few soft tree yelps to get his attention, and be ready. If you here him fly down be patient and call softly every 20 minutes or so. He may gobble back at you and come in or sit tight and wait for you (The Hen) to come to him. This is a great challenge of turkey hunting; when to call and when to shut up - when to move and when to sit tight - BE PATIENT, EVERY WILY TOM IS DIFFERENT. With the more time you spend in the woods the more knowledge you will get.
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