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First timmer

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This is the first year to go deer hunting. I have a second season permit for pope county, Shawnee Nat. Forrest. Are there any tips to have a successful hunt?
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If you want to see deer go walk through the woods. If you want to kill a deer go sit in the woods. Find an area with good sign and well used trails and have a seat. A good tree stand will help but I've killed many deer from the ground. If you're hunting from the ground be still and silent and stay down wind from your hunting area.
I am a first time hunter as well. Went out solo today for the first time, and walked up on 4 deer, two at a time both times. Also heard a few alert others as they ran off before I could see them. I was using a shotgun with buckshot, although I never fired a shot today.

I was wondering what type of cover 00 buckshot, in a 3" magnum shotshell can go through. I was stalking deer, and the first pair I came upon was about 30 yards from me. I was not in a good position because I walked up on them, so I couldn't get my shotgun up without them seeing me move. Question is, if I had gotten the gun up the buckshot would have passed through some tall grass on the way to the deer. How much cover can buckshot encounter before it does not hit where it was aimed?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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