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First Time Using Slug

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I just moved to Ohio from South Dakota where I always used rifle hunting deer. I am new to using shotgun. I am shooting a 12g browning goldhunter with the original barrel on it. I am also using the NcStar Tactical Reticle Sight. I was wondering what is the best slug to use and what can i and can't i use for ammo. I currently have the modified choke in which I heard won't harm the barrel. I sighted it in with winchester hollow point rifle slugs. I was just wondering what is better ammo to use. I appreciate any help.
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Good evening and welcome to the forum. I'm from WNY but welcome to Ohio too LOL. I'm a little confused with your setup. Are you shooting slugs from a turkey barrel with a choke tube?
It's a 3" barrel. Same barrel I use for pheasant and geese. I just have the modified choke in it right now and I heard it won't harm it to have that choke in it.
Also, I just read a previous post that asked the same question. They had said that using a choke is bad but the gun place in town where I live said that they had used the exact same gun I use and had the modified choke in it and that it didn't hurt it at all. When I sighted in my scope it didn't seem to be all over the place like they had said it would. "The football without a spiral as the said." Nothing bad happened also thankfully. So I am really confused now. I don't want to go out on Monday thinking my shot could fly in any direction. Or something worse could happen to my gun or me.
OK man I would say that if you sighted it in and you're satisfied with groups and accuracy and all that then stick with it. If the gun place in your town said it will be OK then go with it. Try to shoot it a few more times before you are ready to go out so that when the moment of truth arrives your confidence is peaked. Hopefully you'll get a few more replies before the day ends.
so does that mean it is safe to use the modified choke in my mossberg 500??
Basically, yes if you've shot it already and had no problems with it.
yea it is ok to use a modified, it wont effect it at all, me and my relatives have been using it for years. i have a moss. 500 too
so use modified? I have been using improved cyl. in mine. Is that ok?
thats a bird choke go buy a rifled choke they sell em
Hi Friend,

It is okay to use slugs in either improved cylinder, or modified chokes. I don't recommend shooting slugs with a full choke, neither will any manufacturer.

I have used slugs in both chokes with a browning semi with no problem. If you are ever in doubt though, you should contact browning arms. Here is the info from their site.

Frequently Asked Questions--Can I shoot Remington® HEVI-SHOT® in my Browning shotgun?

If your question still remains unanswered, please call our Consumer Department directly at: 800.333.3288 or 801.876.2711

yes. Manufacterures reccommend improved but its perfectly fine to use both, or a rifled choke.
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