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First time hunter

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This year is gonna be my first year hunting. I was just wondering what the best rifle would be for wooded areas. my friend told me a 30-30 would work great but i was just looking for more opinions.
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Welcome to the site. If practiced safely your hunting will go at whatever speed you choose. What I mean is if you go out this year and really get "the bug" you will learn a lot faster. Do a lot of reading on your intended quarry and see what is available to you to use from there, find a buddy it may make it much easier. Good luck!
Welcome to the site. For short range wooded areas the 30-30 would be fine. There are so many fine whitetail cartridges out there that just about anything above the 223 is fine. I know some will argue the 223 is ok but you cannot convince me. You could look at a 243, 32 win, 300 sav, and yes even the old 35 rem would be great for short range wooded areas.

Hunting is one of the best thing you can get into.
I use the Marlin 30/30 and love it. You can shoot through a bush and hit a deer on the other side.I've heard that .308 and .357 magnum works well. These are all for hunting whitetail deer.

I agree with you HM. I think the .223 does have enough umf for a deer.

Good Luck remdog28 and hope you find the right caliber.
Welcome to DHC!

Rifle for deer? Depends on the distance that you do most of your hunting.

100 - 150 yards and the .30/30 is more than sufficient.
150+ and you'll want a rifle that can get out there for distance.
.270 would be a personal recommendation, but again, that is just a personal recommendation. There are many fine calibers out there from .223 up, but personal opinion again, I'd start at .243 and work up.

Let us know what you finally decide on. It's a personal choice, but one that you'll be happy with I'm sure.
For someone new to the sport

You are going to be on a steep learning curve at the start. It is important like the posts above recommended that you start with reading about hunting and shooting. I would bet that you have already got a good start on that. The next step would be to get into a hunter safety class. Some of it will be as boring as watching paint dry, but you might learn something that saves your life or someone elses.

The next thing I would do is talk to your friends about what they use/learned to shoot on. Often times it was a lever action 30-30. Do those kill Deer, probibly more than any other action/caliber combination. Would I recommend one to a new shooter/hunter no. There are action choices that don't have the exposed hammer and a far more comfortable stock design. The whole idea of shooting/hunting is to have fun. You can't ethically hunt until you learn how to safely shoot. You owe it to the animal that you are about to kill, to kill it cleanly without risking hurting someone else in the woods with you.

The bolt action rifle is easier to help a new shooter/hunter master in my opinion. The bolt action has a simple operation, a simple safety, straight line stock design to help with recoil, it usually has a good trigger feel, and last is ideal for mounting a scope.

I have taken alot of new shooters to the range prior to them becoming hunters. They all had a lot of fun. I picked rifles that didn't beat the crap out of them, but were easy to shoot well. The positive feed back from actually hitting what you are shooting at without pain during the process is what you are looking for.

I always feel better when I see a new shooter come to the line at the range with a scoped bolt action rifle in a non magnum caliber. I always think that person is going to have some fun.... And that is what it is all about.

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Thanks everyone for the help, I will continue to do the research. And i got a hunters safety course coming up this month. So i am anxious to get out there and start shooting at the range. I cant wait to get out into the maine woods and do some hunting.
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i use a 270 savage and droped a :pickle:140 inch 9 point:pickle: at 90 yards:pickle:
For wooded areas a 30-30, 35 Rem, 44 Mag rifle, or anything like that would be fine. If you plan on shooting up to 200 yards or further then I'd look at a 7mm-08, 260 Rem, 308. Those are just a few, use whatever you like.
We need to see some pictures....

Congradulations and getting a really nice one.....

Brush cartridges, take a pass on them

I wish someone a long time ago had said don't ever say you can shoot through brush. Even the big bore magnums that are used in Africa can be deflected if shot through brush. As a rule I will NOT shoot through any brush. I really want a clear view of were I want the bullet to go. I haven't had it happen to me but several friends tell stories of missing a sure shot only to walk up and have a small tree basically cut in two by their bullet on the way to the deer they were shooting at. The brush calibers that people like to recommend are usually large bores with heavy weight bullets. I would love one of the Marlin 1895 in 444 Marlin. The only problem with this rifle is that it will kick like a mule from the bench at the range and will not do anything better than the 30-06s I have. Plus the 30-06s give the shooter options that the 444 Marlin could only dream about. If you want to do a little test, go to a small Mom and Pop gas and snack station near where you plan to hunt. If they offer ammo for sale and most will if the area is popular with hunters during the season ask what calibers they stock for. I will bet that you will find 30-30, 30-06, 270, .308, .243, 7mm Rem mag, and 12 ga slug. What this tells you is these are what 95% of the hunters are using and looking for when they forget their ammo at home.

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If I was looking for an all around deer getting rifle, I'd find a clean Savage 99 in 300 Savage. Virtually no kick and it will do it's job every time and is plenty accurate. It just may be the best woods deer hunting rifle combo ever made.
i use a 270 savage and droped a :pickle:140 inch 9 point:pickle: at 90 yards:pickle:

Where are the pics?!? Sounds like an old fishing story about the one that got away, it keeps getting bigger at each telling. <grin>
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