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First post and first buck

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Hey guys, first post here. Seems like a pretty nice place. Only been pokin around so far. I've been hunting since I was twelve and I love it. To date, I've shot 2 antler-less whitetails and a 6 point whitetail. Haven't hunted in a couple years because of college but I plan on gettin back to it next season.

Anyways, here's my first buck. I shot him when I was 16 years old. I didn't have my own camera when I got him so all I have is a shot of the rack on a DIY mounting kit. Got a doe later that day from the same stand. Was, at most, about a 20 yard shot for both deer.


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Welcome Titus to the site. My son also is in college but has found time to get in some good hunting time. Hopefully you can get back to hunting as you had a pretty good start. Nice going.
welcome to the site....and nice buck.
welcome to the site....and nice buck.
What she said!
Thanks everyone.I actually go to school in an area that's surrounded by alot of good hunting areas. The only problem is my father won't let me have my rifle at school, we don't have as friendly of a relationship as we once did. That in combination with him "passing down" my rifle, I've decided to buy my own so I can do what I please with it. Pictures will be posted next weekend. Thanks again!
I have to admit I wasn't too pleased when my son took 3 guns down to college with him, all mine of course! He has his own 40 SW too.
Hope the journey back to hunting is a smooth one. College and life in general can keep us way to busy sometimes. Welcome to the site and congrats on the deer you have already been successful in harvesting.
Hunting Man, I must mention that I have gone hunting without my father. Each time I was with the company of someone else, and it would be no different at school. The kicker is the gun was purchased with my own hard earned money.
If Dad is paying the tuition better think on this some, otherwise next time home I'd be packing something along when I return to college. Just my thoughts. Anyway hope things work out with you and Dad and hunting can return.
Thanks again for all the warm welcomes. Still just pokin around right now. I'll make sure I get some pics of the new rifle next Saturday after I bring her home. Should be ordering the scope and bases the same day from Midway if none of the local places have what I want.
My family didn't "pass down" the rifles my grandfather wanted me to have until after retiring from the Army. It's too easy to have them stolen during the frequent moves that most of the military folks go thru if they make it a career.

I would have to really think about it if my college sophomore son wanted to take "his" .270 off to college. It's a right handed Savage Model 111. I have a left handed version, same caliber, for # 2 son. But I'd still have to wonder where the priorities are - hunting or school. Maybe after a number of semesters with good GPA I would budge a little on the issue.

But anyways, a big Texas welcome to DHC and you're welcome to ask anything of us who've 'been around the block' a time or two - as long as it's hunting related of course <grin>. I'm sure someone here will have all the answers to your questions. Nice buck antlers - BTW! I plan on doing about the same thing with the pair of antlers gotten earlier this year.
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Hunting Man, my dad wouldn't even let me try to apply for student loans with him as my co-signer. I've paid my way through the whole thing so far through grants and working my butt off over the summers and through the winters.

Rdrader, I just finished my fall semester as a junior. I've made the Dean's list and my gpa is in line with having my priorities "in line." Also, the rifle that I paid for is being passed from my father (how's that work?) to my stepbrothers. I didn't mean for this post to be about not being able to bring my rifle to school to hunt the area, but I feel with the current circumstances I've earned the right to be able to bring my gear along with me.

Anyways, does anyone have a good link to somewhere that I could find out how to score the antlers in my free time? I know It probably won't be a whole lot and possibly not that accurate but i think it'd be interesting to have a ballpark number.
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I think it's great that you're keeping your GPA up there to make the Dean's List. You are certainly far enough along in college that I would know what you are capable of accomplishing and would have no troubles with your extra curricular activities like hunting. My son just finished the fall semester of his sophomre year and he's made the dean's list two out of the three previous ones. By now, he's proven that he can handle school and a little bit more if he wanted to.

And if you paid for the rifle, then by all means you should be able to bring it with you. Not trying to say I know all states laws/rules/etc., just make sure that you're breaking any of them living where you're at should you decide to bring it with you.

With all that said, about all I can add is -- Keep up the good work! (You've earned it!)

And oh, BTW, I went to the Boone & Crockett website to find this 'page' on scoring whitetail deer.
Boone and Crockett Club

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I sent you a personal message with Antler scoring info.
In my thoughts, hunting will teach you things that no amount of college dollars will ever pay for. Go for it and enjoy college and hunting. You should be able to hook up with a few friends for some quality time in the woods. Get that degree! Have a great Christmas & Newyear. Let us know what santa brought!
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