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Hey thats great that the kids are interested in hunting. Many are not mainly because they are too lazy these days. The hunting shows are good and bad IMO. Good because it gets many interested in hunting and they learn bits and pieces of info that can be usefull. Bad because it gives a false sence of reality. Nearly all shows end with a kill and we know thats rarely the case. Also many are shot on game ranches and not normal woods or farms. The solitude of sitting and waiting isnt enjoyable for long for many if sightings arent regular. I hunt in Florida. Not well known for its big deer. I could go to Georgia or Alabama but the economy has got me grounded to my home woods. I find a small spiral notebook journal helps to pass the time and is a good read later both for me and others. In before daylight and absolutely never climbing down before 10 is my usual plan. Ive found kids burn out easier in the morning than the evening where it seems to get more exiting near the end of the day. My daughter liked hunting but quit going about 14. Too much other stuff going on in her teenage life, so enjoy the moments while their still young and good luck.
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