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First Hunt of the Year

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Got one in the books boys.Exotic hunt for Sept.7,8,9th
Will hopefully be havin some new pics soon. I get to try out my new scope on my old rifle. YEEEHAWW
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good luck you lucky dog! i gotta wait till around sept. 22 or so. seriously though i hope it goes well for you and that new scope does its job
goodluck to ya rockman can't wait to see the pics
whatcha goin for?
Not really sure but will be between an axis,fallow,blackbuck or red deer probably.Have to wait and see what walks out.Would like to see a really nice blackbuck though.
Good Luck to you...
good luck to ya gonna go goose hunting sept1
Exotic hunt

Recommend the "Wildlife Ranch", in Mason, Tx.
Good folks&game-species.
Well Boys,
It was a 28.5" Axis Buck.Scope worked like a charm.One shot dropped in his tracks.Rem 30-06 Coreloct 150grn PSP went in right in the crease of the shoulder and didn't come out with the deer standing broadside at about 125yds.Will get pics posted soon.Out of group of 4 we took 2 Axis,1 Sitka and 1Spotted Fallow all bucks.It was a great first trip of the year.
Congratulations !!!!!
sweet!!! its awesome when a hunt goes like its suppose to. congrats
OK,Managed to post a pic in the gallery.Will try to add more of this hunt later.
:thumbup:way to go:ibtl:
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