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first gun for deer season

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This will be my first REAL season. I'm learning everything on my own and I need a little advice on what kind of gun I should get. I'm really leaning towards a 20 gauge. I'm only going to be able to afford one gun right now...HELP!
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Is your area shotgun only since you posted this in the shotgun thread ? I would suggest a rifle over a shotgun for deer hunting in my opinion. You can get a mossburg 270 from some where like Walmart for about just under 300. (in my area) if your needing a shotgun mossburg also has one that comes with two barrels. A slug barrel and a shot barrel, it's around 400 bucks (in my area ) there are many more people on here with way more knowledge than me in this area. I look n like effective but cheap myself.
Look at your seasons, what is the most prevalent shotgun, muzzloader or rifle? If shotgun was my longest season that would be what I would buy.In some states you can use your muzzleloader during shotgun as long as you have a shotgun tag. check your regs this would help with your decision.
I personally think a shotgun is a good first gun at least here in NH
most times shots are under 100 Yards & a shotgun w/ good slugs will shoot good at that distance then you can use it for Turkey, birds ducks & coyote's it is a good all round gun
Hello and welcome to the site. If you could offer additional info on where you will be hunting, type of terrain, and game you will be hunting we could offer our thoughts on what might fit your needs best.
Always be sure your gun barrel and action are clear of obstructions and only carry ammunition specifically intended for the firearm you’re using.
I've been using the same gun too. I had it just by July.
Good first gun

the mossberg 500 has a package that comes with a rifled barrel and a vent rib barrel, i have personally killed a deer at 165 yds with the same setup (mossberg 500, rifled barrel...though i had a bsa red dot) mine shoots the hornady sst slugs very well (that's what i was using when i killed that deer at 165) mines a 12 gauge you may like the 20 for reduced recoil but if i were you i would defiantly go with the 12
I'm going to be deer hunting for the first time this year (only did small game - pheasant - with a borrowed shotgun).

I'm using the Mossberg 500 ($270 or so) with the slug barrel. Ran into a ammo sale at Dick's, so I stocked up on sabot rounds.

I also ran into a deal for the Leupold VX-I 2-7 33mm shotgun scope. Cabela's has it on sale for $190. I signed up for their credit card, used it for payment and got an additional $25 knocked off with free shipping. Sure, I'm cancelling the card as soon as I get the first bill, but I'll take a Leupold for that price. Good eye relief, over 90% light capture, lifetime warranty and quality built for $165? Sold.

Didn't mean for that to sound like a commercial for Cabela's, but that was a great price to tease out of a sale and an offer.

Heard very good things about the Nikon Prostaff Slug scope, but stuck with Leupold. Made it America and all that.

Now, I have to bargain hunt for quality clothing so I don't freeze my keister off.

My buddy's already told me I'll be looking for a crossbow before next season. I think he's right.

If you're on the fence about rifle or slug gun, I might be able to help.

I went for versitility. The Mossberg can swap barrels and even has a blck-powder barrel you can fit without taking it to a gunsmith.

If you want a good, effective rifle that is cost effective, I've heard good things about the Savage Axis. Accurate out of the box, but a HEAVY trigger. I haven't personally fired one, but that's the rap (and you're not supposed to tinker with it because it's not a simple set screw adjustment). Walmart has them for about $277. Marlin X7 also has a good rep for quality/price.
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first gun

You made a great choise . Mossie 500 combo will do it all for you at this point. You have an accurate deer slug gun , and one of the best guns for turkey, dove upland and small game hunting.
I think i'll be trying my luck with a mossberg this year. i bought a mosin nagant last year however i missed a few deer due to its tendency to hit high and to the right. i still might try and get a scope on it however it looks like its gonna eat into my wallet and i do have a perfectly good mossberg with a rifled barrel. Shot range is going to be looking 100-150 yard range. any suggestions?
I have a mossberg 500c with a slug barrel and reload as well as cast my own bullets. I have worked up loads where a three shot group will come close to touching each other at 100 yards. All is vertical with little off in horizontal. They pack a wallop. ( on the butt end at least!)

I personally wouldn't use it farther than 100 yards, not because of accuracy but because of dwindling energy. Others have used it farther, just not for me.

The only factory ammo I could get to shoot worth a darn was Copper Solids. I cannot even find them any more.

My advice would be to spend some time at the range finding a factory round that shoots well and try to keep your shots under 100 yards.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have never actually shot a deer with it. All of my experience has been at the range. I like to have plenty of ammo around for each gun I own so I spend a lot of time at the range and a lot of time at the bench. Plus it is fun finding these loads that you gun likes.

My .02 cents worth.

Good luck.
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shotgun hunting

This will be my first REAL season. I'm learning everything on my own and I need a little advice on what kind of gun I should get. I'm really leaning towards a 20 gauge. I'm only going to be able to afford one gun right now...HELP!
I use an unscoped 20 guage shotgun and my second time hunting with it i shot a nice size doe at about 50 yards
My son has a Mossberg 500 combo. I have a Remington 870 combo, both 12ga. He likes his...I like mine. Purely personal preference, but both platforms have been around for quite some time without any major modifications that I know of. The biggest difference between the two I think is scope mounting options.
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