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My first was a yearling but it was with a bow I didn't gun hunt at all till I was in my 20's, so back then I was proud as could be and still am as it was a first. Now I don't shoot yearlings nor a big doe that still has yearlings with them. ( gun or bow) that's just my personal hunting ethical choice.

Two weeks ago was the youth gun here in ky and a good friend of mine took his 7 year old grandson hunting and he told me they had a yearling come in on them. He said he wouldn't let him soot caz he wanted him to kill a big buck, and then went on about how figedy the grandson was getting. I told his why didn't you let him harvest his first deer, that boy didn't care big buck, doe, yearling, he see's deer and knows his first! Meat on the table, fills his rage not yours, and then you could focus on your big buck. He said you know your right I should have let him harvest that deer !!
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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