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First Bow Hunt

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Hello all... I just got a brand new browning micro adrenaline bow as a gift, so I brought it in to the sportshop to make sure I had everything I needed and some good arrows. I finally got it all sighted in so tomarrow I am off for my first bow hunt! I am so excited I dont think I will sleep at all tonight. Any last minute advise for someone who knows nothing about bow hunting?
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be patient, and wait for the perfect shot
Hi Friend,

If you are hunting from a treestand, and you are in a good area, when you see deer, they may be close. Don't get nervous, and only move when you are sure that you can't be seen. Be prepared for a great time, and make sure you observe every safety rule.

Don't take any long shots. I recommend no longer than 40 yard shots, if you are sited in for that yardage, or closer if possible.

Deer can jump your arrow, or scooch below an incoming arrow. Hopefully that won't happen to you, and good luck.]

patience, cover your scent and hunt with the wind in your favor, (deer got to be close with a bow) and dont move unless the deer will not detect it. and move slow then also.

good luck and good shooting
Well, I went out this morning, and every piece of advise I have been given was running through my head... I saw a doe and fawn way back in the woods turn in my direction. I was told, be patient they will come closer.... dont pull back too soon...Stay still...Well, I was totally still.... didnt pull back too soon... was patient... Way too much so. LOL! I was so surprised at how close the deer came, I didnt pull back too soon, but I wasnt able to pull back at all because I was on the ground and I didnt want to spook the doe. She came (I swear this is no exageration) she came about 6-8 feet from my face and looked right at me. It took a few seconds but she snorted at me when she finally saw me. I was shaking so bad by that time! I really dont want to go to work and tell all the guys I didnt shoot a deer because it was too close! LOL!:crazy: I wasnt prepared to see them so close! I havent done much hunting to begin with.. I only have 2 deer under my belt. Theres always next time. Ill be ready then. Even though I didnt get anything I had a great time and cant wait to go back out.
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glad you had fun, Hunting is not all about killing thats, just a bonus
well she did get close. that a good sign. i had a similar thing happen to me. had a doe about 6 feet off. she tried to smell but the wind must have been in my favor or my scent theory works because she just walked off. just like you i was shakin from the inside out.

its very tough to hunt off the ground with a bow. i have never tried it. i would think my chances would be considerably lower than if i was in a stand.
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