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leaving in a few for a full week,wont be on as im leaving the laptop home:pickle:got a pocketful of tags and plenty of BP and slugs,hopefully the deer will cooperate and the state land is empty of hunters by now.i got the camera and will check in when i get back.till then:bye:
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Good Luck Joel... :thumbup:
Have fun, relax, enjoy, and the powder goes in first!:nerd:
OK Joel you have a great time, enjoy the outdoors, and be safe. And GOOD LUCK
just a report,didnt see one deer.i was hunting public state land that was open since oct 15 for deer,it was brutal cold with single digit temps and horrible winds i was stuck hunting the ground,i tried stalking/tracking,still hunting and posting there was a layer of frozen snow that crunched when ya walked.i tracked a big deer up the mountain only to see a coyote track start to follow the deer tracks,that was an interesting hunt.sign besides tracks was sparse, i hunted my old faitful ground blimd and had a nice rub line but no deer.i stopped in to talk with the head of the park and he said they had 130 deer checked into the deer check station,they also started antler restrictions in half the park we discussed that as well.i spent a week in the motel and hunting so i had a little time away from reality which was needed,i still got somew meat in the freezer so it looks like stew and chili for me.i applied for a another area today and have to see if i get picked
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joel, good to see you get some r&r even if the deer didn't cooperate. Nice to just get out and hunt!
joel, good to see you get some r&r even if the deer didn't cooperate. Nice to just get out and hunt!
times 2......
to me its all about the hunt,to be honest i was wondering how i was gonna get the deer out if i got it,off season im gonna get one of those wagons or build one,i like the fold flat style
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