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Finally scoped out the property for archery season

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Okay guys, finally got out to my friend's property and had a quick walk and looked around with them. We decided this might be a good place for a ground blind for archery season. What do you guys think?

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Looks pretty promising. Any trail cams out there? Maybe a stand a little deeper in the woods but that's just my opinion.
i agree with timberghost. to the left of the horse pasture between it and the 3 little openings there. should funnel deer between the horse field and the neighboring property. looks like a good piece though. its land, and its hard to come by. :)
There are already a lot of stands in those woods, but the property owner possibly wants to hunt them this year. AND, I prefer to shoot from a ground blind, being my first year with a bow. I feel more comfortable with a "straight-forward" shot, versus a quartered, from-the-tree-stand shot. I haven't put a camera up yet, but I plan to buy the new M-80 from Moultrie tomorrow and put it out this weekend, possibly with a salt block.
The property owner says the deer are funneling along the right edge of the property right next to that new subdivision and coming up along that field to head to the field and water source in the upper left, RIGHT through where I want to put the blind. He has given me permission to plant that tiny little block next the corn field with some clover to start a teeny food plot. He also is going to talk to the neighboring farmer (that owns both of those corn fields) and make sure it's okay that I may retrieve any deer from his property if they happen to run that way after impact. I'm pretty darn excited!
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Hell yeah. I'm pretty impressed girl. You takin this stuff almost as serious as I do lol
After looking carefully at your spot, I chose two locations that I would setup on.
The spot you picked out wouild be my #2 choice, my first choice would be in the upper corn field bottom, right hand corner straight up from your spot.

my first choice gets you out of sight from the surrounding houses yet still keeps you close to food, bedding and water,
I LOVE that small corridor patch between the 2 cornfields, I would bet that's a real hot spot when the hunting pressure inscreases in that area.

PS if you don't have access to my first choice i would Definately go with your choice.

Good Luck and keep us posted... :w00t:
Bruce, I agree that would be an awesome spot, but it's someone else's property :( :( :(
I guess I'll just hope for the best and try to get on the deer's path as best I can. Hopefully the camera tells me something over the next few weeks! :)
Mike, I'm pretty excited...trying to get food in the freezer and be the best, most ethical country girl I can possbily be! lol
It looks like a hit or miss set up to me. I would suggest a small feeder located towards the top of the property line just inside the woods, a staging area before the deer would hit the corn field. You may also get some natural movement through the top area as they stay in the woods for safety once the corn is harvested. There should be some existing trails to locate and get an idea of they preferred travel pattern and that would determine where I'd set my stand. If you were to hit a deer can you enter the other property to retrieve the deer? That would also enter my game plan as to how close I would want my stand to the adjoining property. Good luck and happy hunting!
virginia doesnt allow feeders after september 1st. so its au naturale for her patterning the deer.
She should be locating travel routes then and setting up accordingly.
That's what I'm trying to do. The property owner has told me that the most common route the deer are taking is right along the right edge of the property line beside the new subdivision. That subdivision was just built in the last year or two so the deer have changed their pattern, but my friend says he thinks they "feel safe" and they stick right to that edge when coming through, then head up to that upper cornfield. And yes, we are getting permission to retrieve deer from that adjoining property. :)
looks promising for sure. a little bit more north and that would probably be the better travel route.
Haha I can't go any further north than where I am. The property line ends about 30 yards north of where I'll be sitting.
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