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finally payed off

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Hey everybody. I guess all those days coming out of the woods empty handed has finally payed off. Last Sunday me and my dad got in the stand at around 3:45..which was pretty late. So I was thinking that the deer had already moved. A cold front had came in the night before. After about two hours of setting there freezing and watching nothing but squirrels and birds my dad taps me on the shoulder and tells me there is a huge buck at the feeder and to get my gun ready. After moving around trying to get to the side the deer was on it was the moment a truth. I patinetly waited for a good shot. The deer would NOT turn broadside so I was forced to take a quartering away shot before he went back in the woods. I tried to calm down and not look at the antlers and focus on shot placement. I had a steady rest and the shot went right where it was supposed to. He dropped right in his tracks. It was the biggest deer I have ever killed. He was a 10 point with a 17 inch spread and weighed right at 200 pounds and was 8 years old.
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Alright man sounds like an awesome day for you and dad. Did you get some pics of big boy?

I did get some pics but the internet is soooo slow here it would take like an hour to put them on here.....but next time I am some where with faster internet I will put them on here.
Yes. Congrats on the buck
I WANT PICTURES!!!! In this case to me the rack might be great but the real trophy is 8 1/2 years old. In my book that is huge. Do you have a clue as to how tough it is to harvest a buck of that age class? In this case you have check mated the master. HUGE congratulations.:thumbup::pickle::yes:
Sounds like a nice buck!! congrads and hope you see even bigger next year
congrats man that is an old deer.. Lets see some pics!!!
Sounds like a great harvest for sure. Congratulations!! How did you age the deer?
Congarts on the nice buck!!!!
Would like to see some pic's
i didnt age the deer...a guy in camp did. but the buck hardly had any teeth at all.
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