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Finally on some good buck sign

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I am headed out in the AM to try and tag a big buck I saw last weekend. I didn't have time to go to my usual spots last Saturday but I did manage to get out the back door on to the neighbors property that never gets hunted. The idea was to get in a couple of hours and maybe tag one of the deer that got fat on my garden all summer. Anyway I had been in there about two hours when I caught something out of the corner of my eye. It looked like the shiny side of a deer but I couldn't be sure. I put the glasses on it and could tell it was a big deer but I couldn't see the head.

I ranged it at 138 yards and put the scope on it. It kept it's head behind a bush but I new it had to be a buck because of it's size but I couldn't be sure so I didn't shoot. Well it turned and walked straight away and it had a massive rack that look to be about 20" wide.

He never gave me a another shot. That's the best deer sign I've seen all season so far and I have his home address. Maybe tomorrow.
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good luck buckshot, hopefully the weather will play in your favor as well...
I saw him again this morning. The son of a gun never offered a good shot. :wallbash: The only clear shot I had was walking quartering to me at 100 yards, just didn't want that one with a muzzleloader. I keep telling myself patience, patience, patience.:whistling:
Woo.. Seem him twice already so you know the 3rd time is a charm. Good luck with him. It makes it nice when your the only one hunting him. Even sweeter when he is out your back door.
Good luck buckshot.. I have one that I'm going to be chasing tomorrow. maybe literally.. we're getting alot of rain right now and tomorrow is supposed to be windy, cold, and misty out. I'm going to do some sitting early in the morning and depending on what I see, I may end up walking around a bit by late morning. Those leaves are softening up! Time to do some STALKING!
Getting close Buckshot, you'll have him soon!
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