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Feral Rabbits

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A few blocks away, somebody turned loose a bunch of pet rabbits many years ago in our suburb. Now the area is getting over-run by feral rabbits as they breed like, well, rabbits on all the grass and gardens. Well, there is one less. Thanks to my trusty ex-CMP Daisy 853 air rifle, and a willing wife, we spend Saturday night skinning out and quartering one for the crock pot. A big black bunny. It was well fed, and heavy. There have been three in my yard routinely. Neighbor shot one also but never recovered it, so I think it crawled off to die somewhere. A shame as at least mine didn't go to waste.

I got that air rifle mainly for some pesky woodpeckers that drilled holes in my cedar siding. Since I got it, they haven't been back. Now it's a Silent Bunny-Terminator.
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